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Title of opportunity:


Dwarsdriewer Livingroom No.2


Short description / one sentence:


2 weeks residence in a private studio/atelier




LOFT, Kiel, Germany




2 weeks between 20.July and 30.November 2021, send your offer


Description of opportunity:


We offer a 2 weeks residence in a private studio/atelier. The studio is 70m² and has two narrow pillars. A wall of mirrors that can be closed with white curtains. The space has a little rough character but is clean and cosy. It can be used for dance, and all kinds of movement but also for film or fine arts such as wood- or claywork, painting etc. A presentation of any form in the end of your stay is required. It can be a performance, exhibition, instalation, workshop and many more.

It is important to know that there is no running water in the studio/atelier. (At the place where you sleep, there is!) But there is a clean and practical Toilet and sink. It is a camping toilet that will be emptied for you daily as well as the freshwater reservoires will be refilled daily.  

Check out the video where I show you around:


You don't have to pay rent and you will receive a 100€ fee (per person) for your presentation. Travelcosts are not covered.


There is no private apartment for the artists. You could sleep in the studio itself, it has a cosy livingroom atmosphere and there is a big sleeping couch. You can be there anytime, day or night. Otherwise there is the possability to sleep in a danceschool of a friend. But this is a public space, so the kitchen and bathroom are shared. You would have a private sleeping room though. You can use the shower, washing mashine, and fully equiped kitchen. The number of artists we can host is 1 to 4.



How to apply / register:


Send an email with your information to


Your aplication should include:


Who is participating?

Artistic disciplin/es? (if definable)

Description of the planned process

Picture/Video material (if already available)

When do you wish to come? (flexible is easiest for us to organize)


Costs for participants: 0


Contact details:



Leon Franzke

Rehwinkel 20a

24161 Altenholz

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